Joy King Lau

I finally have the chance to review the wonderful Chinese restaurant Joy King Lau! It has been a staple in the Hooper family for over 15 years. When my husband was a child, he was introduced to this place by one of his mother’s friends, and since then he has always made his way back. He took me for a dim sum meal in 2008, and since that day I knew I had found my staple Chinese cheap eats restaurant in London!


Joy King Lau

The restaurant is on three different levels and the inside is a bit run down, but don’t let this put you off. The food is definitely worth it! The very first thing you must order is the Chinese green tea. It is 80p a person and it is unlimited! The waiters were extremely attentive in serving us fresh tea and never let our pot go empty. In fact, we went through 5 pots on our last visit!


Chinese green tea

We ordered two appetizers, the satay chicken and the beyond amazing sesame prawn toast! If you have never had the pleasure of eating sesame prawn toast, I highly recommend that you try it from Joy King Lau. It is always fresh, buttery and delicious every time I have ordered it, and I am never disappointed! This is a must have dim sum dish, and make sure you ask for chili dip sauce to go with the prawn toast, it will change your life.


Chicken satay & sesame prawn toast


Sesame prawn toast

This was the first time I have ordered the satay chicken, and it was good but there are other appetizers on the menu that I prefer a lot more, such as the wontons or the chicken dumplings.

For our mains, we ordered the Singapore noodles, sizzling chicken with spring onions and a side of egg fried rice. The Singapore noodles are one of the best noodle dishes you can order at Joy King Lau. It is a massive portion of vermicelli noodles together with prawns, chicken and pork. I tend to order it extra spicy so it has more kick, so I would highly recommend that if you like the spice! The egg fried rice is one of my favorite dishes on the menu. It is a very simple and non complicated egg fried rice, and I think that is what makes it so good. Sometimes simplicity is best! Do not come to Joy King Lau without ordering it with your mains.


Singapore noodles

I was feeling a bit adventurous and ordered the sizzling chicken with spring onions, and I was not disappointed! The dish came on a sizzling platter, and chicken was mixed with spring onions, garlic and a wonderful ginger sauce. I am a big fan of ginger, so I really enjoyed this dish.


Sizzling chicken with spring onions

Joy King Lau is located on the edge of China Town in Soho near Leicester square. It has been rated by Timeout Magazine as one of the top 20 dim sum restaurants in London, and I definitely agree with this rating! You can get an amazingly cheap dim sum lunch for two for under £20! Dinner is a bit more expensive, but you get massive portions that you can easily share.

This is my favorite cheap eats Chinese restaurant in London, and I hope you will all go and visit. I will be coming back here for years to come, and I know you won’t be disappointed!




Overall Score

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Price: £ lunch ££ dinner

Atmosphere: Best for groups and couples



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